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Vert Shock can be a relatively new training system designed most notably to increase your vertical leap.

It originated by Pro basketball player, Adam Folker, and another of the world’s highest and many decorated dunkers, Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington.

The program will depend on the principles of high-intensity advanced plyometrics done especially in a way that maximizes the neurological response from the certain group of muscles.

These are the Type-IIb muscle tissues, aka the fast-twitch muscles.

The goal would be to stimulate during sex to fire amazingly quickly and get those to be more mixed up in process of jumping in order to jump higher, quicker, with an increase of power.

Vert Shock isn't any magic pill. It’s not just a program you'll be able to take lightly, and yes it’s not one of those “Get 50-inch vertical doing nothing but looking at your couch” programs – so don’t expect results if YOU don’t work.

The training is very hard from time to time, and you've to be prepared to train intensely and work the couch off if you truly desire to add BIG inches on your vert.

Following the 8-week program wasn't an easy task personally. I had to push myself both physically and mentally as a way to complete this method.

What motivated me here was the reality that I kept including inches when taking measurements each week.

It’s time and energy to conclude this review and provide my final verdict on things.

So as you'll be able to see, I’ve had a large success with Vert Shock – I’m now finally competent to dunk, also it’s all because of this unique program.

Don’t increase the risk for mistake of thinking this can be a end though. Even though I’m satisfied with my newfound jumping abilities, it doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop working with the offer.

Due to my success with Vert Shock, I have marked myself a different goal – I’ve chose to dream just a little bigger, and I’m targeting a 40-inch vertical.

I’m planning to repeat this system and blend it with the Jump Like Justin workout and Vert Shock’s Complex Training Routines.

I hope this combo gives me the best results so I’d be capable of dunk at will and become truly unstoppable within the rim.

So whether you’re playing to keep things interesting or aiming to become a pro, whether you’re aiming to dunk or just be a little more athletic, you'll be able to see how Vert Shock can help you take your game one step further.

It’s one on the top vertical programs today, and yes it makes a real huge difference Vert Shock with your explosiveness at basketball.

And while it’s hard, it’s a lot worth it, as it gives you a huge edge over your rivals.

Anyone who’s intent on stepping up his game should take advantage of this system – and when you’ve look at this far, you most likely are, and you've got the mindset and discipline needed to succeed.
Vert Shock will let you become faster, stronger, and it will deliver you a true shot at being capable to throw down that dunk Vert Shock you’ve always wanted.

This can it be guys. I hope this review helped you recognize better how this program works, and I hope my results will keep you motivated to take action.

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